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Why Use Outside Prototyping Help?

  • An experienced contractor will save you time using techniques specific to prototyping practice
  • Your contractor already has the development tools needed, saving you both time & money
  • Experience “on tap”: Contractors often have experience with the target issues for your prototype such as usability, standard interface metrics for each platform, and work flow
  • Only pay for skills when you need them: You only need to budget for your prototyper for the prototyping phase - no need to “find other work” during down cycles
  • Smooth your project’s critical path: Contractors are often available on short notice; no need to pull someone from an existing task, train them in a hurry and ask them to take on an unfamiliar role

In summary, by using a prototyping contractor you can speed your prototyping process, improve your chances for success, gain access to experience, keep your team focused and use your resources at peak efficiency.

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