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Why Prototype?

First, what do we mean by “Prototype”?

A product prototype is workable image of the product as you believe it should appear.

A prototype can be delivered in a variety of ways, all the way from sketches (“paper prototypes”) to almost fully functional applications.

The prototype can also have a variety of audiences: potential or existing customers, senior management, UI reviewers, developers, documentation teams, and marketing staff.

Benefits of Good Prototypes

  • Informed feedback on features from potential customers leads to more attractive products
  • Develop great workflow for clients from the beginning
  • Greatly reduce the cost of the inevitable design changes by shifting them to the beginning of the product development cycle
  • Reduce the risk of costly late-cycle changes or a product flop
  • Specify the exact appearance & behaviour desired early for management & customer buy-in, and for accurate communication between all development team members
  • Get marketing & graphics specialists working in parallel with the technical team
  • Involved clients are more committed to your product, leading to improved customer retention and new client wins
  • Identify marketing weaknesses early, such as low product demand, poor product definition or weak feature sets

In summary, prototyping can reduce your time-to-market, strengthen your product, reduce your costs, improve your chances for success, reduce your risks, and help you develop strong customer relationships right from the start.

Now, find out why you should consider working with a contractor when prototyping. Click here to visit Contracting Benefits page


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